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The Competition is open to all pianists. No age limit.



The audition of the selection round is only made by video recording.
An applicant may compete in several degrees. In this case the applicant must register for each degree separately, and send application forms and fees accordingly. Applicant registered in several degrees must choose different works for each degree.
Only applicants who perform by memory may be selected for the Final Round. For the applicants registered in the 4-hand degree, performance with score is allowed both for the selection round and the Final.

b) FINAL ROUND : No additional fees to be paid

Selected applicants must perform by memory (except for the 4-Hand degree) the same program as the selection round.
The name of Jury members will be announced the day of the Final.
The Jury may not give all the awards, and may stop the performance when it is decided it is enough to give the award. ITS DECISIONS ARE FINAL.


The applicants must send form, fees and recording before March 12, 2021.
The application fee is non-refundable.
- Travel and Accommodation expenses must be borne by the applicant.
- In case of disagreement, only the French text will be referred to.

COPIES OR PART COPIES OF THE SCORES ARE FORBIDDEN according to the French law of March 11th 1957 - Penal Code art. 425.


No results will be given by phone. Please refer to the website www.concours-musical-de-france.com for updated results.

SELECTION ROUND : After the audition, applicants will be mailed a certificate stating their award : 1st Prize Finalist, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Prize.
Only applicants awarded a 1st Prize Finalist will be admitted to the Final Round.

FINAL ROUND : After the Final Round, the applicants will be mailed their CMF Diploma.
The results will be announced in the evening on April 11, 2021.


a) Only contestants with a 1st Prize may be awarded a CMF Prize. This Prize, proposed by the Chair Person must be accepted by the majority of the jury members.
Two contestants bracketed equal in the Final will share the prize.
b) The CMF Prizes will be given cash prizes. Only one CMF prize per degree. For the “piano 4-hand” only one CMF Prize to be shared by both contestants

TOTAL PRIZES IN FINAL : 7 000 €     


Artist Superior 
Artist Virtuosity 
Artist Excellence 
Artist Concert Diploma 

Artist Virtuosity 

Artist Virtuosity 
Artist Excellence 

500 €
1 000 €
1 500 €
2 000 €

300 €

400 €
800 €

- Teresa Janina Czekaj Prize: -
for the best performance of a piece by F. Chopin
100 €

- Ginette GAUBERT Prize -
for the best performance of the piece Toccata op.7 by R. SCHUMANN (Concert Diploma)
500 €


Award Ceremony and Cocktail

on April 11, 2021 evening

 For any information in English - Please E-mail : yohann.ripert@gmail.com or yripert@stetson.edu


COPIES OR PART COPIES OF THE SCORES ARE FORBIDDEN according to the French law of March 11th 1957 - Penal Code art. 425


Email: ginette.gaubert@wanadoo.fr or Email: info@concours-musical-de-france.com
Address: 5, rue Jules Moulet - 13006 MARSEILLE - FRANCE
Tél. 33.